BioMagnetic Solutions develops next-gen state-of-the-art Cell Selection Systems for clinical-scale CAR-T Cell & Gene Therapy (CGT) applications and research market platforms.

BioMagnetic Solutions is in final pre-commercial launch stages for its state-of-the-art Clinical-Scale Cell Selection System:  X-GRAFFETM that combines:

  • a sophisticated and advanced proprietary automated X-GRAFFETM device
  • a patent-pending closed sterile system with proprietary cell selection methods that produce unmatched cell yields, purities and viabilities
  • cGMP highly magnetic common capture ferrofluids (FFs)

Our History: BioMagnetic Solutions (BioMag) is the successor biotech to Immunicon (NASDAQ: IMMC) where BioMag’s founder, CEO and CSO Paul A. Liberti developed the nano-magnetic “ferrofluids” and immuno-magnetic CELLSEARCH© CTC platform marketed by J&J and now owned by Menarini Silicon Biosystems. CELLSEARCH© remains the only FDA-approved CTC platform worldwide. BioMag brings over 30+ years of magnetic cell selection technology & development to our current game changing cell isolation platforms.

BioMagnetic Solutions research & product development is underwritten by the National Institutes of Health’s (NIH) National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute (NHLBI), a major foundation and a host of major biopharma and cell & gene therapy corporations. A privately-held company, BioMagnetic Solutions seeks to revolutionize cell & gene therapy (CGT) product manufacture with its X-GRAFFETM Clinical-Scale Cell Selection system to create superior CGT products that target and seek to cure major oncological and genetic diseases.