To become a leader in nanomagnetic technology and next generation high gradient magnetic separators.


Founded in 2011, by Paul A. Liberti, BioMagnetic Solutions’ mission is to provide cutting-edge ferrofluids (nano magnetic liquids) and novel multi-parameter magnetic separator systems to the life sciences. Having pioneered the development of ferrofluids and the design and manufacture of novel magnetic platform technologies for biological separations from its Immunicon (developer of CellSearch©) lineage, BioMagnetic Solutions’ scientists and engineers provide solutions for high end market needs to Biopharma and industrial Biotech firms.

We are a research-oriented company and will remain so. BioMagnetic Solutions’ goal is to stay on the frontier and be a partner in exploring and solving important problems. BioMagnetic Solutions’ life science academic research roots and commitment to serving life science researchers run deep. We will interactively serve the research community via select ongoing collaborations with top tier researchers and will interact and invite interaction with the research community via our research products. In that way and along with other collaborations on the horizon, we believe we can be a partner for solving problems that advance all of our interests.